VOYAGE Swimwear & Life Straw partnership

VOYAGE Swimwear partners with Lifestraw to provide access to clean drinking water for children in Kenya

For every
VOYAGE’s Bikini
or Men’s Trunk

We provide
drinkable water
to 1 Child
for 5 years

A percentage of proceeds from every sale of a VOYAGE Suit goes towards one Life Straw Water Filter for one child in Kenya for up to 5 years.
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Every AIGUA Bikini or Men’s Trunks, you donate the possibility to access drinkable water to those in kenya.

AIGUA for Kenya
In January 2017, I went to Kenya to fulfill one of my lifetime dreams of seeing up close and personal, Africa’s wildlife. Africa has always been an inspiration to me, it’s filled with gorgeous wildlife, color and nature, that just makes you rethink everything you are doing and appreciate the true beauty of life and adventure.
One day during my trip to Kenya, I visited a local village in Maasai Mara and met with the local chief and his people who live on the land. The African sun was so hot and the soil was extremely dry that planting crops seemed almost impossible to me. I wondered how these people survived.
As I spent some time with the chief and his people, including women and children, I learned that they do not have access to clean water. This was frightening to me because the sun was scorching hot and beating down on us, so to think that the people and their children didn’t have water to drink, made my stomach hurt. The chief explained that once a week they go to the river to get water but most of the time end up getting sick due to the bacteria, feces and dead anaimal corcases. He explained that they have to drink the water from the river because they have no other option. Bottle water is a luxury and too expensive. I knew this was the case because some of the people wanted to barter local handmade items for my bottle of water. I clearly made the trade but it wasn’t enough.
I left leaving the village with a pit in my stomach and an intense desire to help. When I returned back to the NY, I couldn’t get the village and its people out of my mind. Every time I drank water, I thought of the women and children at the village that go days without access to water and when they do drink water, they get sick. It didn’t seem fair.
I did some research online, searching for organizations who help people in Kenya with getting access to clean water. I came across an organization called Life Straw. Life Straw developed a portable water filter that provides access to clean water, which provides clean water for one person up to one year. I immediately read about some of the work they’ve done in Kenya and how it’s significantly it impacted the life of the people there. Right away, I sent an email to Life Straw to learn how VOYAGE Swimwear and Life Straw could partner, so that every suit a customer purchases from VOYAGE Swimwear, one Life Straw is provided to one child in Kenya, providing access to clean water for up to one year.
Life Straw immediately loved the idea and wanted to get on board.
If you would like to learn more about LIFESTRAW click here.